How my family copes


My family deals with grief by making things.

On the left is a photo of the postcard and stamp I made when I heard about my aunt’s death. The postcard was one of the four cards I made that was displayed with my aunt’s photos.

The flowers were designed by another aunt (under the art direction of my mother, as she likes to say). The signs were some of the few things I hastily calligraphed on the day of her wake.

It’s been a month since her hospitalization, and almost 3 weeks since she passed. I’m still trying to process the fact that we won’t be spending the holidays with her this year.:(

Rest in peace, Auntie. We love you.


Playing with Layers and Patterns

I should not be left alone with an eraser and a craft knife when I am bored, because something like this will definitely happen:

paisley pattern stamp

hand-carved paisley pattern stamp

I carved the paisley pattern stamp and its layer stamp while waiting for my husband to finish work.

coloring the paisley pattern

You can use stamp pads, color markers, or water-color to fill in the pattern.

Which coloring technique looks best to you? Drop me a line and let me know! 🙂