On Having A “Signature” Gift Wrap Style

Friends and family know how much I love gift wrapping. The process of brainstorming and gathering odds and ends to put together into a pretty package relaxes me. This activity also allows me to indulge in my guilty pleasure of collecting papers, ribbons, and trinkets. But the reason I put extra effort into the presentation is because I believe the giftee feels extra special when s/he receives a specially wrapped present.

paper and abaca gift wrap

At first, I experimented with paper and other materials…

gift wrap with pattern and embellishments

…then I played around with pattern (I painted the snowflakes using a stencil)

gift wrap with embellishments

…then I went crazy with embellishments (The ornament on the lower right is handmade by yours truly)

gift wrap with ornaments and tassels

… waaaay crraaaaazzzyyy (I call this my Panic! at the Disco phase)

However, I have reached the point in my life where I have less time and resources allotted for my hobbies. And with the demands of adult life increasing everyday, gift wrapping has become a stress inducer, rather than a stress reliever.

Back in October I read a post on HuffPost Style about how having a daily “uniform” style has simplified the editor’s life. The article resonated with me because I hate stressing over what to wear to work every morning. While this style philosophy has yet to be translated into my wardrobe, I already simplified my gift wrap style.

I love, love, love brown paper – kraft paper, pattern paper, packing paper… I love them all. Brown paper is my fail safe gift wrap. I used it frequently in the past. I brought some with me for wrapping presents while on holiday abroad.

Kraft Paper with Ribbon and Ornamanets

The packages on the right were wrapped in kraft paper and dressed up with fabric, ribbon, and Christmas ornaments

Despite my tendency to go overboard with the presentations, it was easy to transition into a simpler wrap style.

Simple yet stylish

Simple yet stylish

Simplifying my style and having a signature look was very helpful in reducing costs and stress during the holidays. My wallet and my husband were very grateful. 😉

Cost of Materials:

  • Jute Rope – Php 88 (around $2) for 4 rolls. I only used up 1 1/2.
  • Packing Paper – Php 7 (around $o.20) per sheet. I used approximately 20 sheets (Total: Php 140)
  • Gold cord/ribbons/stamps – on hand. From my personal collection.
  • 3D Stickers – Php 99.50 (around $2.50) for a set of 10

Total Cost: Php 327.50 (around $ 8)


One thought on “On Having A “Signature” Gift Wrap Style

  1. Remember the gifts you wrapped for me to take back to the in-laws in the UK? Of course back then, they weren’t my in-laws yet. Hehehe. Steve’s Mom said that they were hesitant to unwrap their presents because everything was so beautiful to look at! =)

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