An Introduction

In a perfect world, we have ample time to do things we enjoy. Like reading books. Watching movies. Hanging out with friends.

Crafting is a hobby I discovered in the latter part of my x number of years on earth. I crafted on and off since elementary school, usually for art projects that were included in school requirements. My passion for making pretty things was ignited when I started preparing for my wedding a little over two years ago.

Unfortunately, adult life gets in the way. My full-time employee status keeps me from dabbling in nothing more than little craft projects after work hours.

With the handmade movement gaining ground and the crafting community expanding everyday, I think it is high time to take this hobby seriously. Do I want to pursue this full-time? Yes, that is the goal. But the timing is not right, and there are still so many crafting techniques I have to learn.

Maybe I will reach my goal sooner rather than later. But for now, I’ll stick to crafting after an 8-hour work day. 🙂

 craftereight aka Lyra

craftereight aka Lyra



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